Do I suffer from Overthinking? How can we free ourselves from overthinking?

We often feel sorrow when we are injured. Sometimes, we start crying and thinking for hours or maybe for days about one small problem we have.

 But what if we found ourselves stuck to one of those frustrating experiences, reflecting on its consequences, rehearsing its details, and cursing each choice we did, without having the ability to overstep it.

What will be the first idea that jumps to your mind?

Yes, bro! This is one of the “Over-thinking” symptoms, to think and analyze un conscientiously something way too much. How would you feel if you know that an over-thinking person is spending the whole night thinking how he could have done it otherwise in his day: « I shouldn’t have told Sara about what Sandy said! I must have apologized to Omar last month!! I didn’t do well in the office today!… Jay didn’t eat well at dinner, could he be sick? My parents feel shameful because of having a daughter like me! Do I deserve a wife like Natalie? Of course no!! …» it’s hard, isn’t it?

What about knowing that these letters could not sleep or act normally in front of people. You are wondering why right? I would answer: How could you do it while a lot of odd voices are whispering into your mind: «you’re going to fall! Stop walking! a car could hit you, you will fail anyway in the exam, so stop trying to find the answers! You’re looking so ugly today! Couldn’t you wear anything better? those people are talking into your back, they saw you near that bad-reputation place yesterday, and now they’ll think you’re an indecent girl! …».

I will not get too much into details, give you the scientific examination of this problem, which can lead to serious mental illnesses, and start counting its consequences. Rather, I’m here to tell you this: Over-thinking is when you’re barely keeping your eyes open from the exhaust, but at the same time, not being able to close them, because of a whirlwind of tiny and big thoughts in your mind. It’s when you’re talking to me, but still thinking of your friend’s car that was scratched. Over-thinking is when you smile at me while looking through my eyes, and wondering whom I take after.?
Over-thinking is a maze of malicious and evil ideas surrounding you, but you CAN deal with it and learn how to be free yourself from it.

1 Never fall prey to your negative thoughts:

Overthinking comes with the bad ideas jumping into your mind, due to any spare time you give to yourself. So make an effort to full your daily life: Give yourself a boundary. Set a timer for five minutes and take advantage of it to think, worry, and analyze. Once the timer goes off, spend 10 minutes with a pen and paper, writing down all the things that are annoying you, stressing you, or giving you anxiety. Let it rip. When the 10 minutes is up, throw the paper out and move on to something fun. ” I am Sorry Overthinking! No more time for you.»

2 Be satisfied without looking for perfection :

It is good to have ambition and look forward to achieving your goals. But, without going so far and looking for something impeccable. Make an effort, and wait for progress, without jumping to the quick results because what comes fast, goes fast.

3 What is gone it gone:

Staying stuck in our memories is one of our big problems. We are not living our present, neither working for our future. Forget about the past and enjoy your day. A beautiful idiom says:

«Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift; that is why we call it present. »

What do you think?

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