How do people balance their minds and their feelings?

When we were kids, people used to tell us about successful businessmen who could build their empires thanks to their intelligence. Furthermore, we would hear many stories about people who could ignore their problems and balance between personal and professional life. The question here is: what was their secret ??

“It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up.” – Babe Ruth

To begin with, let us make a simple reflection about our past, and ancient relationships, people we’ve met, and places we’ve visited. We still remember them now. So, we will cry when a dear person who has left us is calling to mind, we’re going to feel nostalgic whenever someone starts talking about our old neighborhood, or perhaps we can get furious the moment when we hear about a traitor old friend.
The best question to answer here is: Why do we keep thinking back on that!?
All of these reactions result from our heart and subconsciousness. Moreover, they are controlled by our feelings and emotions.
In other words, we can get mad, sad, maybe confused, or depressed without even knowing the reason. Likewise, sometimes while lying in our beds, we can just start crying because of listening to sad poetry or watching a piece of video.
So, on any of these occasions, have we ever been able to stop the tears streaming on our cheeks? Well, some people can, but most people cannot.
These letters are usually controlled by their sentiments and treat people emotionally, which is what makes them stuck to their past. Therefore, they will hardly, if not never, get into the present to discover the future. Not only that, but they start also to be blind towards their future goals instead of working on them to succeed.

To give an illustration of what I mean, let’s look at the case of a teen who just lost a dear person, whether it was because of death, or due to their decision to leave. If she loses the balance between her feelings and real-life demands, she will be out-minded while assisting her classes, she would ignore her studies and start instead of thinking only about how to claim that person back, no matter how impossible that seems. In the end, she’ll have a triple loss, if not more, her future career, her mental sanity, and the person in question who is highly likely never going to come back.

On the other hand, looking through the lens of sanity, we’re going to find people who believe that life is an accumulation of experiences. Likewise, they trust that they should accept them as they are, success or failure, so the rule for them is: “Keep moving even if the end of one life’s chapter means someone’s leaving“.Consequently, they will high likely not get affected by the breaking down of a project, the end of a relationship, or the leaving behind of their favorite place.

your success or failure depends on you, on your way of thinking and acting. Remember that you’re here to be the person you’re looking for. So, never let other people control your thoughts.

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