10 Best Karma Quotes to give you positivity and inspiration

“how people treat you is their karma, how you react is yours”

Dr.Wane w. Dyer

“ no matter how much you regret, How angry or sad you become, your yesterdays Will never return. The word of ‘should have’ or ‘could have’ or ‘if only would have’ is a world of pointless suffering”

Doe. Zantamata

“ What you have done to others
Will be served to you in an away
or in other”


“Everything you do comes back to you
bad or good, So be conscious on your


the law of karma also called the law of cause and effects, action and reaction and: as you sow, so shall you reap”


“What goes around comes around, so
always assure you to be good, do good,
and be Patient”


“karma bides its time. You
Will always have to go watch out.
Karma is unforgiving and always
gets payback”

Benjamin Bayani

“when your time is good than your mistakes are taken as a joke, But when your time is bad then even your jokes are noticed as a mistake”


“Whoever you are, whenever you
Are, and wherever you are, karma
will get you “


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