One chapter cannot tell us the whole story

After a year-long friendship that ended because they weren’t riding the same waves, and after a break of a whole year they spoke the way two strangers would.

A day has passed since that conversation. While she was going to buy something, she suddenly felt dizzy and was going to faint. Fortunately, a young man noticed her, he kindly said: ” Miss! May I help you? Are you okay?”. He held her before falling and asked some friends to bring a glass of water for her.

when she took it, and before it reached her mouth, her phone rang.

_ Hello!…
_Haha .. How do you feel while you’re in their arms? You liked it, right? Well, It’s only natural, this is what you truly are (and he hung up).
she lost control, tears flowed from her blue eyes, and the cup fell from her hands and broke into small pieces.
After a while, she regained consciousness, and before leaving, she thanked the youth then apologized for the damage she had done (“But who will apologize to her for the pain and suffering she has?”).

She was walking along the road when she looked back, specifically a year ago.
She remembered how our missteps could strongly destroy our future.
Now she blames the kindness that let her appreciate others’ feelings and care about them. Suddenly, a shadow of a human being coming took her out of her contemplation,
She confusably monologed: “Oh my God!… it’s him! What should I do? “.
Despite the unfairness she was feeling, she was confidently smiling, and she quickly stepped towards him. Of course! she did not stop, but she just passed by him and whispered: “I hope they taught you what kindness means! “..And set off away.
As for him, he stayed stuck to his place, and his eyes were lit with anger: ” How did she become that strong? even my provocations and accusations don’t affect her anymore!?” He resumed walking, but after his fake pride and vanity were broken. Honestly, he was neither that awesome of a man nor that guy whom a lot of girls would like to be in a relationship with. However, there is a famous Italian proverb that says: ” praise and cabbage both taste good, but they cause bloating.” The truth is, he never had innocent intentions towards her, though she was only considering him a friend and strived to preserve his dignity and supported him to be a mature man. But we should never stay after doing good to others to see the return of it, “Just do it and go!”.

He didn’t guess that forgetting about him will be as a walk in the park after he went away, he didn’t know that she considered him, from the beginning, merely * a pitiful man*.
Life hardships have taught her a lot and she still has more to learn, but the biggest lesson our girl has learned is “* Everything has an end, no one stays for anyone, and in the end, we’re all going to pass away *.

Only one false step cannot determine who we truly are. Our self-estimation results from an accumulation of all the things we go through in life.

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