Psychological flexibility the three pivots of a flexible personality

“flexibility is a learned mental skill. In today’s dynamic world, your effectiveness as a professional depends on your readiness to adjust quickly to the moments of need or opportunity, diversity, and change”


Life is a long journey, and definitely, we are its passengers, each station of it represents a life stage including childhood, adolescence, puberty… thus make sure that each stage will surprise you with an unlimited of unexpected issues that are going to be out of your control, ultimately, it’ll require a high level of flexibility from you, therefore the present article attends to shed the light on the major tips to unwind and deal with whatever life throws on you.

The power of a flexible personality relies heavily on one’s ability to adapt to any situation he goes through it. And in order to reach a flexible personality, you are in dire need to:

• Be a believer
• Be more open-minded
• Understand everything around

Bellow I outlined the main steps toward reaching a flexible personality

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