The 6 dominant reasons for suicide attempts

The 6 dominant reasons for suicide attempts

There have been countless reasons why people attempt to suicide and ending their life, therefore we attain to shed the light on this dilemma and its reasons
we are going to expose to you the most common ones:
Basically, Suicide’s reasons differ from one person to another; and from one situation to other
Broadly speaking the most common reasons are as follows;

1- Psychological issues:

Psychological problems cause a high level of exhaustion, tiredness, and abandoned of interest in everything around, in addition to the loss of hope, inevitably, this leads to a ‘severe depression’; people who are depressed have a high risk of suicide attempts compared to others
On another hand, schizophrenia, which is one of the most dangerous psychological problems that can a person comfort in his life, whereby, it represents a psychological state wherein the person feels and sees things that are totally unreal, in addition to an unstable he’d psychological state, distorted way of thinking impulsive behavior..etc. Usually, those who suffer from a thin type of psychological problems, have suicidal thoughts more than anyone else.

2- Sexual orientation:

A strong indication of elevated risk of suicidal behavior is given to; bisexual, lesbian, gay, and transgender people due to the amount of violence, and bullying that they encounter in their daily life by their surroundings, in addition to the unacceptability and avoidance of society.

3- Having some medicaments

Having some medicaments such as ‘anti-depression might brings negative thoughts at the beginning of the treatment, whereby people who have this type of medicine are highly exposed to societal thoughts.

4- Isolation an solitude

Usually, people who are socially isolated are found to be extremely negative, therefore they are in a bad mood all the time and think themselves incomplete, and this inevitably brings them severe psychological problems that ended up with suicide attempts.

5- Financial crisis

One of the well-known difficulties that encounter constantly is ‘financial issues’, however, some people confront severe monetary problems in terms of unpaid debts, and this leads them to think frequently about suicide, simply because they issued to reach a final solution to their crisis.

6- Bad experience

Experiencing a bad relationship with someone who hurt you by cheating you, or leaving you might cause an unbearable and intolerable pain that drives you to think about ending up this trauma at any cost, inevitably, make you, sometimes think about suicide. On another hand, losing someone who died, and he was one of your closest, nearest, and dearest people might make you lose interest in this life and make you want to suicide and follow him, simply put because you feel your life empty without him.

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