The secret to true happiness and inspirational quotes

The article at hand spots the light on the major keys that will hopefully pave your path to reach your happiness at all levels of your life

“Happiness is not about getting what you want all the time, it is about loving what you have and being grateful for it”


“Happiness is not about getting what you want all the time, it is about loving what you have and being grateful for it”


Each one of us seeks a way to reach his own happiness, and attains to find an efficient strategy to boost his/her self-satisfaction, however, there are always some obstacles that constantly inhibit us to fulfill our accomplishments, in terms of low self-confidence, negative criticisms, low self-esteem, childhood and life trauma, and other similar psychological issues.
Clearly, It is agreed that nothing worth having is easy, thus, it all depends on us to choose the appropriate approach towards life.
Bellow, I outlined three effective tips that will hopefully support you to reach inner happiness

First step: change your mindset:

it is assumed that happiness is strongly attached to your emotions; the way you feel, through being; pleasured, delighted, and happy..etc. whereas, in fact, happiness is not emotion as much as a mindset, in fact, it is something we create in our mind with the help of focus, emotions, and beliefs. Simply put, if you tie your happiness to your emotions they’ll last for a short term since emotions come and go fairly quickly. While mindsets last mush longer, you strap them on, and with a little maintenance, they can stay for long periods of time. And even better, you can stay ‘happy’. Hence, it is all up to you, you are responsible for how to think positively and make your self satisfied, through defining what you need, and what you want then plan a proper approach towards your life, in order to feel internally happy without any string attached.

“Happiness is a conscious choice, not an automatic response”

Mildred BAHEL

Step2: be fully content about your self

contentment is definitely the key component of your happiness, in fact, It pays always to be wholly grateful about what you have and what you haven’t as well, anyhow, we cannot deny that we’ve all been through difficult times in our life, each one of us has lost a dear person, a dream, or even lost himself somewhere attaining to please others, nonetheless, these shouldn’t be a constraints to reach your happiness, in contrast, they are all shaping you into a perfect person you are looking for.

“ I’m grateful for past betrayed, heartache, and challenges… I taught they were breaking me, but they were sculpting me”


Actually, the clue to leave peacefully and happily is to invest in your self and enjoy all that you have instead of expecting to get anything you want. true happiness relies on accepting yourself, your financial, health, family’s status including all the embedded imperfections.

Step3: master the art of giving

you might wonder what is the correlation between happiness and the art of giving, simply because most of you presume that happiness is when you get things, while actually, true happiness is when you give.
Drawing a smile in an orphan’s face will definitely make your day, helping a homeless will surely change your perspective toward life mainly when you help people without having an expectation of getting something back. Furthermore, the act of giving doesn’t rely only on providing practical help in terms of; money, clothes, food, or any other monetary help, in fact, even your smile matters, yes, your smile, your beautiful words, your positive attitude when you want to give your opinion toward someone’s look, style, way of thinking, work…etc. Thus, Make sure to grant stimulating compliments constantly, and ensure to use positive eye contact while speaking to someone, specialty when you are addressing a depressive person.

“ Happiness is not doing fan thing, it’s about doing meaningful things”


The power of giving makes wonderers and miracles happen in your life. It clears the negative mist and opens your vision to the unlimited possibilities and opportunities available for you, which were invisible to you earlier as you were too focused on your happiness in unnecessary things, and apprehensions in life.

Happiness is a journey, not a destination”

Ben Sweetland

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