Those annoying little strings on bananas? They have a name AND a purpose!

This is what those obnoxious strings on bananas are for!

Do you hate those little strings on your bananas and do you pull them off before eating like we do? And do you sometimes wonder what on earth the use of those weird little things can be? Wonder no more, because we’ve got the answer!


Bananas are the perfect snack, as they contain loads of fibre, which is good for your digestion. They also contain potassium and other vitamins and minerals. Some people try to avoid banana, as they are rich in carbs and calories, more so than other fruit. Bananas also lack vitamin C, which other fruits do have. However, bananas are a great snack due to their fibre, especially when you work out. Bananas can prevent muscle cramps and the carbs give you a healthy energy boost.


First of all, the strings have a name; they’re called ‘phloem bundles’. The phloem in a plant ensures the transport of nutrients throughout the entire plant, from the leaves to the actual fruit. Phloems are important factors in the growth and health of a plant. So the strings aren’t just useful to the banana itself, they’re also completely edible!


There’s no need at all to pick the phloems off before eating your banana. If only they tasted a little bit better… Scientists say that, in theory, it’s possible to create bananas without phloems. However, since many bananas are dying out because of illnesses, it’s much more important to create bananas that are resistant to illnesses.

Did you know phloems are actually healthy? Go on to the next page to find out how healthy they are.

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