What does low-key mean?

Lowkey is an adjective that means: calm, not full of excitement, quiet, or Restrained.
It can also act as an adverb: it is an informal slang that is defined as a way or a situation
that is “Restrictive”, “with a low intensity”, or “without attracting attention.”
Example of low key:
Let’s have a low-key party so we won’t bother people around us.
Our wedding should be a low-key affair.
Low-key relationship
Before start talking about lowkey relationship, it is necessary to mention that this kind of
the relationship is not the same thing as a secret affair; both have different aspects, in a lowkey
relationship couples tend to tell selective people about it and avoid showing their private life
to others, unlike secret relationships where people tend to hide their affair from everybody
and it is very different from a public relationship where the couple gets so excited and let
everyone knows their story and life details by taking endless pictures and posting them on
social media all the time and announce their love to the public.
If you are a low key person, you will likely prefer a low-key relationship; some people choose
it for many reasons; for example, when you start a new relationship, you may like to get to
know your partner well and want to take things slowly before telling everybody that you’re
together, also some people prefer privacy, and When you are in low-key relationships, it will
be easy for you  to deal with the stressful moments that you both go through, unlike when
there are a lot of eyes on you; they wait for those moments to try to show your flaws and
errors and make you doubt each other, so these are some pros of this relationship.
How to be a low-key person
First of all, let’s start by identifying a low-key person; so Low-key person is someone
who’s usually not excitable, quiet, modest, soft-spoken, easygoing, And Self reliant; he/she
always prefers to be out of the spotlight and avoids being in front of the camera; these are the
essential traits of a low-key person. If you have met someone before with those characteristics, it
is very likely that that person is a low-key one.
Since low-key people are usually independent, productive, and successful, you might think
about changing yourself into a low-key person, another good reason to be a lowkey person is
that you won’t receive negativity or disappointing comments from people around about any
part of your life or personality, eventually you will have less stress in your daily life. here
are some steps and tips that will help you achieve your goal of being a low key person

  1. Be quiet and private about yourself
    Plan your goals, live your life to the extreme, but don’t show them anything, and let
    people around you be clueless, curious, and wondering about your private life
  2. Listen more, speak less
    Avoid talking or participating in useless debates unless they are valuable and
    meaningful; instead, focus more on what they say and show them that you are
    interested in their speech.
  3. Be the polite person
    By being a polite person, we mean to be a respectful, gentle person, but within limits,
    do not be too nice. If someone tried to be awful, then show them the red line.
  4. Mind your own business, and no drama, please
    Please don’t get involved in other people’s lives, don’t try to look after their business or
    problems, you have priorities to look after and do, try to strict your social circle as
    much as you can.
    Keep it lowkey, meaning.
    What does keeping it lowkey mean? You have undoubtedly heard This expression many times
    before either from a friend or on social media or in a quotation and wondered about its
    signification, to keep something low-key is to make this thing go unnoticed and unobvious to
    people or around you, in another way, keep quiet and, don’t do anything that will get you
    noticed or exposed.
    Low profile person
    A low profile person is a person who prefers to manage his life privately and prefers to stay
    away from attracting others, you often find a low profile person who is quiet and modest, who likes to
    stay behind the scenes, tend to avoid attracting attention, and wear flashy coloured clothes,
    and public talk.
    These kinds of people find that keeping their lives private is the best way to live them, they don’t
    show much of it so they will not receive any judgments about anything related to their lives,
    and this is the point of having a discreet life. No one would bother you with their negative
    words, especially on social media.
    Being a low profile person is not just a behaviour or a part of the personality; it has become a
    a lifestyle that many celebrities and people started to follow.
    How to stay low-key on social media?
    Last few years, people have started over-sharing their moments of life on social media; some are
    even addicted to doing this; on the other hand, some people avoid doing this and like to be
    low key on the internet, here are some tips to follow to stay low-key on social media.
     Please don’t use your account very often, or don’t use it at all!
     Don’t post frequently
     Post a quality content
     Avoid useless discussions: don’t let yourself dragged into empty discussions that are
    invading social medial
     Keep your life private
     Avoid overexposing yourself, don’t show your favourite places or where you’ re gonna
    have dinner tonight… etc.
     Engage less with others (Likes, following, sharing,… etc.)

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