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What is meant by communication skills?

Communication is a process in which a person communicates with another person or more. The medium of source may be speaking, reading, writing and listening.
The author communicates with his readers by writing an essay, article, novel or column. The speaker communicates with his audience through speeches or debates.
When we talk to someone who is sitting in front of us, there are many things we need to worry about, such as talking fluently, not using harsh words, not talking fast, our Shortening words, not giving useless hints, etc.

Communication Skills:

There are so many communications to learn and understand but we discuss four main skills such as reading, writing, speaking and listening.

1- Speaking Skills: When you talk to someone, there are many things you need to pay attention like, speak politely, make eye contact and talk confidently. When talking, shorten your words and speak fluently. Conversation can be verbal or non-verbal. Oral communication is what people talk about using language. Non-verbal communication is what people communicate using gestures or body language. You should speak with an open mind. Respect the opinions of others and try to understand what they want to say.

2- Reading Skills: When you read an article, column, essay or novel, you have difficulty to pronouncing difficult words correctly and understand their meaning. So reading skills are essential for communication. Reading can be visual. People, nowadays, Use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, where they communicate via photos, videos and memes. If you don’t pay attention to the pictures or don’t watch the video carefully, how can you answer them or Can talk to them.

3- Writing Skills: Authors communicate with their readers by writing essays, articles, novels or columns. When writing, you should write carefully and explain in simple terms so that readers can read easily and understand what you want to say. Readers are not sitting in front of you, so they may not understand what you are writing or trying to say. Distance makes their connection sensitive.

4- Listening Skills: Listening is another skill to communicate with others. Many people do not pay attention to listening skills. How can you answer when you have not listened carefully to what the other is trying to tell you? You have to listen carefully and understand the meaning by focusing on the words and then answer.

Pay attention on these skills while communicate with a person in order to make their conversation useful and effective.

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